Discussion forum for satipatthana mula?

bhante, does a forum for that topic already exist somewhere? on your blog?

i really like your book discussion on ekaayano maggo. i find the “direct path” very unsatisfying, and ekaayano being related to ekaggatam cittam really makes a lot of sense, and the context of the “oneness” having mystical and special connotations in contemporary brahmanical traditions. i noticed that in your book you also use “unification” in at least one place instead of always sticking with “convergence”. do you use those terms synonymously with ekaayano or are they emphasizing slightly different aspects? before re-reading your book to see what you meant by “convergence”, i just assumed you meant convergence of the eightfold noble path all happens at sammaa sati.

Hi Frank,

I’ve discussed this in a few places, but there’s no specific forum for it. We could do it here; altho this platform is still pre-alpha, so everything might disappear at any time.

I think I use “unification” for ekaggata and “convergence” for ekāyana, IIRC. But it’s been some time!