Display SuttaCentral home page in different languages

@blake; as we might have speakers of different languages visiting the SS, I am just wondering whether it might be possible to have an option to have the Home page read in different languages (assuming translations are available): this would be-
-Early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels translated
-Maybe the sutta excerpt also translated, if the particular translation is available
-Sutta, Vinaya, Abhidhamma menu options translated.
-‘Read this sutta’ (the link sentence) translated.

This would need a menu (maybe a drop down?) with languages on this side of the Home page.

Hope this is not too much- if we could start with a few South Asian languages that would cover a lot of people.

I also want to think everyone involved in this great project! I know things must be really busy, but everyone appreciates all the effort and thought that has gone into it.

Whoever thought we would see coding nuns and monks!

with metta,


Most absolutely!

Internationalisation and localisation (or I18n & l10n as I have discovered they are often referred to by hanging out with the clever kids) is definitely on the map: Search results for 'I18n' - Discuss & Discover. A couple of ‘pilot projects’ are already underway. Step-by-step. :walking_man:

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Splendid! Looking forward to it!

with metta,

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