Distance and Affordable Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies

Hi guys… So, in the last year, I already got my master’s degree in Buddhist Education here in my country, Indonesia. I wanna to pursue my education to the next level but sadly, there’s no doctoral program in Buddhist Education here in Indonesia. (I was heard that Smaratungga Buddhist College in Boyolali, Central Java is going to open this program but sadly, there’s no further information about that.)

So, it’s seems that I must study abroad in order to pursuing my doctoral study. I have 2 problems in here:

  1. I can’t leave my country for very long time. If I do it, my name will be gone in the family tree… :'c

  2. I can afford the study ONLY in Indonesian standard price, not a western or any other countries that have higher salary rather than Indonesian employee minimum wages. (FYI: Indonesian minimum wage is about $300/ month. Any doctoral programs in education in here cost about $5.200 - $10.000, average cost is about $8.000).

Is there any Doctoral program in Buddhist Studies that’s affordable for me and conducted in online class?

Many thanks in advance for your answer… :grin:

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Try the Delhi University https://www.du.ac.in/index.php?page=department-of-buddhist-studies

Also check Somaiya Vidyavihar University top Ph.D college in India

As a guide IBC Thailand would be top of the list for Theravadins with no restrictions. It does offer scholarships: https://ibc.ac.th/en/admission/educational-assistance

Thanks for your help… :smiley:

I really wish I could study in there but it’s kinda too expensive for me even with scholarship (I must consider about flight costs and so on). In fact, IBC is about twice more expensive than IBSC Mahachulalongkorn… :sweat_smile: