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Ha. Golden.

anicca isn’t impermanence

What? Who says this ?

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I interpreted it as a humorous euphemism for various folk etymologies in do-it-yourself Buddhisms.

sighs. A monk in Sri Lanka who has been attracting a lot of attention recently. This is only the start of it, he is teaching all kinds of ideas that are almost incomprehensible in their level of wrongness. I’d rather not mention his name or give any links, as it is all just a sad waste of time. It seems that fame is in inverse proportion to understanding of Dhamma.


The woman in red is unpredictable, superficial, money hungry, and she will boil your bunny in a pot.

The woman in blue is smart, loyal, and understands true unconditional love. A wise partner for life.

C’mon, you knucklehead in plaid, focus on a quality relationship, and give her your attention, loyalty, and devotion. She’ll be a true partner through life. She’s the real deal.



Its all do-it-yourself Buddhism.


We had lot of discussion in this forum before it hit to main stream in Sri Lanka.
I can’t locate it in SC.

Yes, we did indeed. Ahead of the times, as always!

It’s normal to find people with odd ideas. It’s dhamma: it’s subtle and complex and it challenges people in all kinds of ways. But this fellow—who has only been ordained a couple of years!—is really another level. You can’t believe the ideas are really that silly, but yes! They actually are.


+1 DKervick.


Maybe a short essay in a newspaper or web site about what Buddhism is, and is not would be in order?

Surprisingly he got a large international following as well.
He was in Australia last December and come again soon.
I have listened to many of his Dhamma talk and they are very good. He directly discuss from Sutta however he provide his own interpretation.
Unfrortunately, they all hit the brick wall when it come to Anatta same as our Ven Thanissaro.
Sri Lankans use lot of Pali words in their day to day communication. Some Pali words are incorrectly used with wrong meaning.
The following video in Sinhalease language is the main protest for this new interpretation.

Not really: an interpretation is a way of reading a text. He just imposes his own will on the text, assigning arbitrary meanings to words based on absurd confusions. This is not an interpretation, it is just wrong.

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I was going to click the like button - but really I mean :expressionless:

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Anicca has a deeper meaning than just the impermanance of the Rupa.
It is not a big discovery if Buddha taught the mere Anicca understood by the run of the mill person.

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Great thing about this monk’s teaching is tons of people coming forward to declare that they have attain Jhana.
Mainly ladies! They love it.

The woman - in red - may be feeling loving kindness and is just walking along in a good mood. The guy might be admiring her shoes coz he’s a cobbler. The other girl might be reacting to the amount of dandruff on the man’s collar?



Do the women speaking in the video make the errant Monk’s teachings more frivolous?

My understanding is that monks try not to criticize other monks, only their teachings. Right Speech. Does posting videos of a criticized monk’s teaching in the same thread where another monk criticized it just amount to the same thing?

Do not the head monks of the orders of such monks monitor their activities and advise such monks to only teach the dhamma correctly?