Divine eye(dibba-cakkhu)

The (dibba-cakkhu) of buddhas.

Hi the buddhas divine eye(clairoyant) even the buddhas ability of clairoyant has its range right? It can’t be unlimited?

And there’s no such thing as unlimited right?

But its true that tatagatha have the three higher knowledges.

Just that even the buddhas divine eye eventually can’t see the unlimited future? Though to a supreme Extent.

There’s multiple references to the Tathagata and many of His followers being Omniscient.

Such as:

Did the Buddha see the future?

The king said: ‘Did the Buddha, Nāgasena, the omniscient one, foresee all things?’

‘Yes. The Blessed One was not only omniscient. He foresaw all things.’


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No, becoming a Buddhist requires accepting a new epistemology, this is what it means to take refuge in the dhamma. For example hindrances are characterized as having a limited range of mental expansion, in western terms ‘small-mindedness’:

"In that case, the disciple of the noble ones considers this: ‘Sensuality here & now; sensuality in lives to come; sensual perceptions here & now; sensual perceptions in lives to come: both are Mara’s realm, Mara’s domain, Mara’s bait, Mara’s range. They lead to these evil, unskillful mental states: greed, ill will, & contentiousness. They arise for the obstruction of a disciple of the noble ones here in training. What if I — overpowering the world [of the five senses] and having determined my mind — were to dwell with an awareness that was abundant & enlarged? Having done so, these evil, unskillful mental states — greed, ill will, & contentiousness — would not come into being. With their abandoning, my mind would become unlimited, immeasurable, & well developed.’

Developing awareness of the spatial state of the mind relative to the type of thought is the task of the third foundation of mindfulness (Majhima Nikaya 10):

“When the mind is constricted, he discerns, ‘The mind is constricted.’ When the mind is scattered, he discerns, ‘The mind is scattered.’12 When the mind is enlarged,13 he discerns, ‘The mind is enlarged.’ When the mind is not enlarged, he discerns, ‘The mind is not enlarged.’

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