DN 2: The Fruits of Recluseship

I was wondering if Bhante Sujato (or anyone else) might explain in more detail what is being referred to in THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE MIND MADE BODY section:

What is meant by “creating a mind made body”?

“From this body he creates another body having material form, mind-made, complete in all its parts, not lacking any faculties.”

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Hi Jacques!

This is a supernormal power that allows the mind to make a “fine-material” body invisible to the normal human eye (probably similar to the bodies of ghosts and devas). I guess you could call it an astral body.

Sometimes people who have near death experiences also describe having such a body. One woman who had been blind since birth could see after she had floated out of her normal body and I think I remember a case where someone who had lost a limb was “whole” again during their NDE.

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Thanks for your response. Anyone else have a different interpretation?