DN 21 Sakka' questions

Does anyone know what is being referred to here as sadness, as in the sadness when cultivated leads to skillful qualities?

Also what is meant by the following?:

Is the Buddha referring to Jhana practice or something else entirely?

Thanks in advance :anjal:

Unworldly unplesant feelings.

Eg. Wish (chanda) for Jhanas but not yet there. Wishing to obtain Jhanas. Longing for stream winning, seeing that others had already attained it, why am I still so slow? Then effort arose, faith arose that it’s possible.

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Oh I see, thanks Bhante. The problem with those thoughts is that they make me feel inadequate :joy:. Oh well good to know that it is somehow wholesome :anjal:

Depends, see the effect on the skillful and unskillful qualities in you.

Like guilt if used skillfully can be used to prevent future unwholesome actions in morality. Although it’s classified as unwholesome in Abhidhamma. There’s so much emphasis on repentance ceremony in Mahayana.

If used unskillfully, the person can wallow in guilt, then unskillful qualities arises and grows.

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