Do all being have five aggregates?

Does all animals has five aggregates ? Including organism such as amoeba ?
If not , what do ebt say on this ?
another question .
Can amoeba reincarnate as human or deva or animal ?

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Do other animals perceive form?
Do other animals perceive feelings?
Do other animals perceive labels-concepts?
Do other animals perceive intention?

I think many of the more evolved forms of animals do.

EBT’s as far as I know dont say anything about it- possibly because animals do not have the degree of awareness or insight to become enlightened.

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According to Buddhism, plants do not posses consciousness, therefore neither do they poses feeling, volition or perception. This is why they are called “one faculty life”. Modern science has also concluded the same. This claim made by the Buddha was actually unpopular at the time where it was very popular to believe plants and even rocks posses consciousness.

As for insects, modern science has said they do posses consciousness and Buddha believed the same, hence the rule about monks being careful where they step foot.

The breaking point here is the existence or absence of a nervous system, no matter how primitive.

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What about Rupavacara and Arupavacara beings?

This statement about modern science is not entirely accurate, as scientists continue to study this.

My car has parking sensors and therefore can interact with the world. It’s also smarter than those plants. Yet it does not posses consciousness because it lacks a nervous system.

If there is no nervous system, there is no consciousness. If there is no consciousness, there is no contact. If there is no contact, there is no feeling, volition, perception. Therefore we have just the form aggregate existing.

No nervous system -> no nothing


I wonder if devāḥ are speculated to have “nervous systems”.

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Your response ignores the actual question, unless the EBT has Pali for “nervous system”. The Buddha said to question, and secular science continues to question. Self is not defined as a nervous system. Perhaps a nice black white demarcation is convenient… but science does not yet dare to state where Self awareness is or is not. Stating definitively that no recognizable nervous system = no consciousness is unsupported, so far.

Above is about science.

About your car being smarter than those plants: respectfully, I disagree; the plants individually and collectively can learn. Your car’s programming is static unless upgraded. Plants rewrite their own “programs” in response to stress. I consider that to be smarter.


Anyone can help to answer ?
According to Buddhism rebirth doctrine , can amoeba reincarnated as human beings , deva and animals ?

I don’t think that they knew about amoeba in the time of the Buddha, so it isn’t covered by the EBTs as far as I can see.

But at least some single cell organisms seem to be able to learn, so maybe:

From the article:

This form of learning exists in all animals, but had never previously been observed in a non-neural organism.

I don’t think there is a record of this.

Amoeba can even form together and become one slug like being. They look like a transitional stage from more ‘solid’ beings.

if this description is right I would doubt it, IMO.

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