Do the EBTs discriminate against the elderly?

Perhaps my calculations may be a bit of exaggeration too.:grin:
Perhaps there should be a better way to address this problem.
I thought Christian nun’s run aged care facilities as well.
In Sri Lanka, most of the elderly are looked after by their children. Once they passed away, the assets will be transferred to the child who looked after the parent.

That sounds like from the distant past to me. I would imagine most Christian institutions today are run like businesses rather than charities.

My old local area Catholic church sold its land to a developer that build a facility with a saintly name, who are charging between $60,000 and $100,000 per year per person.

The local Catholic nuns are charging around AUD$54,000 or US$40,000 per person.

This very basic Jewish nursing home charges between AUS$30,000 to $36,000 per year.

This is pretty scary!!

And it will get worse for future generations, who often do not have children.

This may be true in Asia.
In Western countries, children do not much care about parents.

It depends on how you raise your children, and how many demands you make on them, when you are old. Some children care about their parents happiness.


Upavana, good! That you know them. The elder bhikkhu endowed with these five things becomes pleasing, agreeable, honourable and developed to the co-associates in the holy life. Upavana, if these five things are not evident in the elder bhikkhu the co-associates in the holy life should not venerate him, esteem him honour him, because of his grey hair and wrinkled skin. Upavana, if these five things are evident in the elder bhikkhu, then the co-associates in the holy life venerate him, esteem him and honour him. Nirodha sutta AN5.166

With metta

His attainment of stream-entry is found in the Chinese parallel at SA107.