Do we have a parallel in other schools of Mettasutta (KP9)?

Or is it a relatively late sutta?

Do you mean KP9 Karaniya metta sutta?

We have this translation from Bhante Sujato… plus a lovely recording of Bhante chanting it.
And there at 6 other English translations. Just click the ‘parallels’ button on the top right to see the different versions.

Or do you mean AN 11.15 2 english translations
Or AN 8.1 - 2 english translations


Yes. But is there a agama version. Or it’s just a Theravadin only sutta? Or tradition? It seems Sri Lankas was alot in Paritta. Questioning if Indians had them also.

Oh now I understand.
I believe that there isn’t Chinese version. This is just from memory based on a talk that I heard from Ajahn @brahmali
I suggest changing the title of your post as you’re looking for an Chinese or sanskrit version not an English one

I can’t edit anymore.

ok I’ve done it for you :slight_smile:


Please keep in mind that, because the Chinese Agamas (let alone the bits in Tibetan and Sanskrit!) have come to us in such a fragmentary and piecemeal way, the lack of known parallels doesn’t (necessarily) mean that a Pāli sutta is late It just means we don’t have a parallel for it in the several, partial, Northern Canons. That’s all. :slight_smile:

Yes I understand that. If it was popular in India even in meditation texts or abidharma works we should able to see it around the 3 century translations.

You know of this maybe? @cdpatton

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I’m not aware of a parallel, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one buried in the texts that haven’t been studied closely for parallels.

May they find one at Ghandhara buried somewhere. :pray:t4: