Do you feel like whenever you are not meditating you are wasting your time? And how do you deal with this?


That’s cause everything else is a waste of time :joy: Come! Ordain! Be a monk!

One of us! One of us! :japanese_ogre:


If you find yourself a layperson, consider ordaining. Certainly. But don’t beat yourself up about having a job, a wife/husband, kids, et cetera. Despair is not a good response to what karma has produced.

Remember that monks could not be what they are without the laity, and the laity appears to do many essential things for the community as the Buddha imagined it. For one thing, we are the only ones who can even potentially practice giving.

In the modern world, education is much easier than it was in the Buddha’s day. We are therefore a lot more likely to have encountered the advanced teachings, and even to have found many of them to be true through personal experience. We may therefore live a deeply paradoxical existence, but I can’t see how Buddhism could exist without it.


Some have attachments which may make this difficult, and eventually leading to disrobing. Maybe it’s good to advance as much as possible and then ordaining. It depends on individual circumstances.


That’s cause everything else is a waste of time :joy: Come! Ordain! Be a monk!

I have spent some time at monasteries but I found that being on my own works a lot better for me personally for meditating, rather than being in a monastery with all the routines, structured time etc. The one exception was Bodhinyana - I was very happy there and things were really conducive to meditation - but, you probably have heard of their waiting list…


Things are pretty chill here at Wat Yan! There are some good monasteries around, it just takes some searching to find them (and yes, I am on that waiting list!)


where is this?


Chonburi, Thailand near Pattaya


I tend to observe the cycles of meditating and not meditating with fascination and am contemplating the various states .

I maintain mindfulness but as i deteriorate and transgress the spectrum of things i experience becomes progressively confined to raiding empty villages and i am far away from joy.

As one falls off one stops experiencing pleasure and gladness and progressively experience more regret and unpleasant mental and physical feelings.

Either way i keep planning the training and reflect on where i slipped, where my leaks are and how i can protect the training better next time.

Eventually i get motivated enough to make the effort, avoiding pain is a good motivator.

I think the most important thing is to keep contemplating because it eventually becomes enough to become willing.

Dhp 122. Think not lightly of good, saying, “It will not come to me.” Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good.


This is just where life happened. This is the earth from where the :sunflower: grows.