Do you guys like the upvote system that is implemented on SC?

I want to hear you opinions on how an upvote system is working in a Dhamma enviroment and if you know of any pros and cons.

I personally think it is good but i am not very active here.


I quite like it.

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It looks like it’s more than it looks like:male_detective:

I like giving and receiving,but are not sure what I find most rewarding in a dhamma sense

I think the creators might have had thoughts about the four brahmavihāras in mind when making this little tool …

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The place where it has benefited me most is in the summary feature when I visit older threads with lots of posts.

By reading a summary of the most liked posts, I seem to get a good understanding of the topic.


I didn’t know of this feature, thanks. Very handy.

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