Doctor Buddha: Skills in Crafty Speech

Buddha although knew that he is sending Kisāgotamī with the false impression that she will after get back her son. Buddha had the pure intention to let her realize Truth. Her mind gave up when she realized in no house death is not to be found. How else can we use Crafty Thoughts/Action to bring our own mind to Truth? To success in what we want. And Mastering Crafty Speech for others?

When that lucky young boy of mine,
tender-bodied, comfortable,
as dear to me as my own breath,
then fell into Yama’s power,

grief-struck, voicing my misery,
teary-eyed, my mouth crying out,
carrying that young boy’sdead corpse,
I’m going around lamenting.

Then examined by one doctor,
approaching the Best Physician,
I said, “give me a medicine
to bring my son back to life, Sir.”

The Victor, Skilled in Crafty Speech,
said, “bring me a white mustard seed,
collected in whichever home
where people dying is not known.

Feel free to share other suttas where Buddha or Sangha used Crafty Speech.

Thank you in advance

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I don’t agree with your statement. To my understanding, the Buddha had given Kisāgotamī a very reasonable way to move forward. His instruction to Kisāgotamī is NOT giving out a false impression. It’s still truthful today, if any of us now can find anyone who does not ever die, we certainly will get a cure to bring back the death.

This is just my passing comment, so please continue with your original intention of focusing on “Skills in Crafty speech” :pray:

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Thanissaro’s book ‘Skill in Questions’ is a very detailed analysis of how and when the Buddha used different types of questions, which I think qualifies as crafty speech. It is full of sutta references.


Maybe the path is trancending polarity to stay in the Middle Path. So if you think False impression with a pure intention to actually like you said give an opening to move forward. Needs to be truthful. Then your thinking in polarity. The act of letting her go and seek because she believed she will get a house with no death. Is the opening of the mind so truth can enter. To reach truth there needs to be impressing the mind.

If Buddha just told her the Truth immediately then her mind was blocked by the grieving and stubbornness that she should bring back her child.

It simply MUST be truthful. It is a characteristics of the Buddha. He can only talk truthful. (In fact, starting with Stream Winner, they can not purposely utter false information)

As I said, please just move on with your original intention of focusing on “Skills in Crafty speech” :pray:

I want to but you didn’t understand my post. With pure intention ofcourse it’s aiming towards truth. I didn’t say he lied. I said the woman is the one that is getting the false impression. If you understand. Buddha just used the mustard seed as a vehicle to make her mind more soft. I understand what you mean. But I just hope you understand my point. Just don’t want others misunderstanding too :pray:t4: