Does anyone know the difference between sabbatthatāya and sabbattatāya?


Sabbatthatā=> sabbatthatāya: on the whole

Ṭhāna=> ; devatāti godhead, sarvatāti=P. sabbattaṁ comprehensiveness;

instrumental. ablative. locative. feminine. singular. āya
genitive. dative. feminine. masculine. neuter. singular. āya

*compare: Ta°: E. that=> instrumental. tena, f. tāya

Iti uddhamadho tiriyaṃ sabbadhi sabbattatāya

This was discussed by Ven Brahmali elsewhere. The ending is dative/genitive feminine singular.

It has most commonly been read as:

  • sabbattatāya = sabba + attā + = all + self + -ness = “to each as to oneself”

However from the context it is very likely to be:

  • sabbatthatāya = sabba + -ttha + = all + place + -ness = “to everywhere, in every respect”

Here “-ttha” is a secondary pronomial suffix, having the general meaning of “place”.


Thank you for a detailed description of Bhante Sujato. :pray: