Does EBTs (Sutta central) has any writing on guidance or summary on stages of the path?

In Tibetan vajrayana they
have " lamrin " , 菩提道次第广論
ie. The stages of the path to enlightenment by Tsongkapa ; Theravada has 清净道論
the " visuddhimagga " by Buddhaghosa and the Chinese
(Taiwan) has the " 成佛之道 "
or the path to enlightenment by Venerable yin shun (释印顺) 。
Does EBTs has any similar writing ?

I think that DN2’s sections on the fruits of recluseship (i.e. contemplative life) can be pointed as an early form of guidance or summary on the stages of the path.


Seven suttas from the Majjhima Nikāya…

MN27 Cūḷahatthipadopama
MN38 Mahātaṇhā­saṅkhaya
MN40 Cūḷa-assupura
MN51 Kandaraka
MN53 Sekha
MN107 Gaṇakamoggallāna
MN125 Dantabhūmi

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Can one suggest a section
for a beginner or those interested
but no time , where one can
go through at a glance ?
To provide a simplified guides
with an outline of the path ?

For example :

A summary of the path to enlightenment.

(1) Preparation stage.
(A) Path of accumulation
a. Stay away from all kind of evil
b. Equip oneself with skills / crafts
c. Acquire livelihood requisite to
obtain happiness and conducing to the wholesome life.
d. Associate with the good and wise companions .

(2) Preliminary stage.
(B) entering the path
a. Differentiate wholesomeness and unwholesomeness .
b. Shameful to do wrong /
fearful to do wrong .
c. Practice of faith , dana , sila .

(3) Development stage
(4) Advance stage
(5) Completion stage

This is what I proposed the Wiki section for. So far, it hasn’t got much traction, but if you want to make a start, great.

My advice would be to start with something small, simple, and obvious. Don’t try to do big, complicated, or controversial topics. It’ll just get bogged down.


Sorry , may be you and other are more qualified , I merely suggest , not qualify .