Does he who is enlightened impart his teachings spontaneously or is he prepared in advance?

I ask this, because I saw someone conveying the teachings of the enlightened one, compiling it beforehand, and some conveying it directly. I thought both were good things, but a perception arose in me.

That, I will not deliver any lectures until I see and experience the real truth for myself. Because I realized that I couldn’t use the right words to express the real truth, moreover I had never seen the real truth firsthand. Can this perception of mine be called selfishness or wisdom?

This is what the Buddha says in MN58:

Of course, it’s a high bar to be so skilled as to be able to present difficult concepts without thinking it out in advance…


Liberation and ability to express it in words are two different things, they go together in the Buddha, but I think he is rather an exception. Also knowledge about certain things which can be taught doesn’t depend on awakening directly, like for example knowledge of past lifes, or require additional factors like learning and so Ven Ananda despite being only sekha was a better Dhamma teacher than many arahats.