Does MA190 mention the formless attainments like its parrallel MN121?

Desperate for a translation of MA190, I did a Google Translate on it one chunk at a time. I do not believe that it mentions the formless attainments in it unlike its parallel MN121. Am I correct in this?

Thanks in advance.

It does throughout.

็„ก้‡็ฉบ่™• = abode of infinite space
็„ก้‡่ญ˜่™• = abode of infinite consciousness
็„กๆ‰€ๆœ‰่™• = abode of nothingness

The last of them doesnโ€™t occur, however: ้žๆœ‰ๆƒณ้ž็„กๆƒณ่™• = abode of neither with nor without perception.

Instead, the next step is ็„กๆƒณๅฟƒๅฎš = samapatti of mind without perception.