Does SC have these functionalities?

Hi friends ,

  1. If one while reading a Sutta
    or vinaya or abhidhamma ,
    can one in anyway
    reads in 2 languages
    side by side in same page ?
    For Example :
    English / Pali
    English / Mandarin
    Pali / Mandarin

  2. How to exit from
    SC while reading
    halfway and suddenly
    need to exit !?
    Is there any exit function ?

  3. Can one change their username ?

Thank you .

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I had the same question #1 in mind; this functionality would be great indeed…

We do not have this functionality yet. In our new site, we are working on it but it will only be done for new translations done via our Pootle system so you will be able to see the English / Pali (and possibly another language in the future) line-by-line, side-by-side and as pop-ups.

If you want to have this functionality now, I think the best thing to do is open a second window and position it next to each other. There is a Chrome extension that I use for this:

I think you mean you want to open the browser again and start reading where you left of previously? No, we do not have that function. We will think about it.

On SuttaCentral itself we do not have usernames, but I guess you mean the username on this forum? I’m afraid you cannot do this yourself but you can send me a private message with the new username you want and I will take care.


Hi Venerable,
actually I meant whenever I
want to leave The SC forum
(or while reading Sutta) and
Exit SC directly , how
I suppose to do that ?
By the way how do I send
private message to you ?
Thank you .

Hi, I rephrased/fixed the topic’s title. Feel free to undo it. :anjal:


You can log out from the forum by clicking on your avatar (the blue letter J at the top right in the header) and scroll down to the bottom of the dropdown. There you will see the option to log out. Hope this helps.



Thank you reverend .

With Metta .

Please refer to the attached ,
Below there is a " exit " function .
When one reenter , straight to the
same page without login or logout !
This is Dhammawheel page .

With Metta .

I understand now. Thanks for clarifying. But no, I’m afraid we don’t have this.