Does someone want to fix the Majjhima Nikaya entry on Wikipedia?

I mean, I’m used to the Wikipedia entries on Buddhism being subpar, but my goodness. Under “content”, all it says is:

In Majjhima Nikaya, Buddha shares his experience:
“Thus far, SariPutta, did I go in my penance? I went without clothes. I licked my food from my hands. I took no food that was brought or meant especially for me. I accepted no invitation to a meal.”
These are in conformity with the conduct of a Digambara monk. Ultimately, the Buddha abandoned reliance upon these methods on his discovery of a Middle Way.

That’s it. That’s the only thing Wikipedia has to say about the content of the Majjhima Nikaya. :unamused:

And the links to the Chalmers translation send you to either Horner’s translation of the Vinaya, or the original Pali text. The early Buddhist entries on Wikipedia are such a gomayakkhandha.


Adding this word to my List of Essential Pali Words.


Someone certainly did a good job of fixing this article.

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It is a pity however that there are no links to SC in the External Links section!

Yes, that’s much better!

this is how dead languages come back to life