Does surfing the internet shrink key brain regions?

Are ten hours a day surfing the net shrink 10% of the key brain regions?
Above statement is from the following video.
What is the logic behind it?
If I spent ten hours a day surfing the net to understand the Buddha’s teaching how it reduces my brain function?

Your brain function that enjoys sensual pleasures will be reduced by 10%.


So when we meditate our brain function is shrunk about 80%?

On the contrary, meditation increases the size of the prefrontal cortex - the part of the brain that handles higher level function, e.g. self control.

So maybe mindlessly browsing the Internet has the inverse effect.

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The relationship between brain size and intelligence, both amongst humans and between different species, has never been particularly well-defined. Humans like to believe that our exceptional cognitive abilities must indicate that we are the kings of the animal kingdom in terms of brain size, or at least that we have the largest brains relative to our body size. As nature would have it, both of these common assumptions are incorrect. Whales and elephants have much bigger brains than humans, and we have about the same brain-to-body mass ratio as mice. Since it would be against human nature to admit defeat, scientists have crafted a third measure of brain size.

Too much meditation makes you want to spend less time Googling. Google might launch and anti-meditation campaign to wipe out Buddhism from the earth!