Does the sub sub commentary tradition only exist in Theravada?

Anutika is sub sub commentary like abhidhamma vibhanga anutika which is a commentary to abhidhamma vibhanga mulatika

I want to know whether this kind of commentarial tradition only exist in Theravada for example in Islam there’s Quran commentary but there’s no sub commentary let alone sub sub commentary to quran

My question extends to other Buddhist sects too, I want to know whether it’s only Theravada which has rich commentarial tradition or not


No, it is not unique to Theravada Buddhism, but rather a feature of the Indic philosophical tradition more broadly.

It is not (that) unusual to have a sūtra (base text), accompanied by a commentary (e.g. bhāṣya), clarified by a gloss (ṭīkā), added to which is a note (ṭippāṇī) etc.

Commentaries are of different types, depending on their purpose, and the permutations of nested commentaries are as fascinating as they are complex. It all attests to the incredible richness of the tradition.