Downloading the Pali Suttas from Suttacentral Website

I’m aware of Suttacentral’s PWA, but it’d be helpful if I could get the suttas as .txt or pdf files , since Suttacentral seems to be the only place containing the Mahasangiti edition. Thanks in advance.


Download the Pali text from here:


Bhante, here in the legacy website, we can find the variant readings for the word majjha­sūra­senesu, but in the variant data section of the repository here, no such variant exists, why is it so ?


Thanks for the heads up! I have checked the source Mahasangiti files, and the variant is indeed there, so I have added it:

As for why it was missing, I am afraid I don’t have a good answer. In our recent testing we went over the variants in detail and ensured that all of them were, in fact, genuine variants to the assigned text, and that each entry was well-formed.

However, we did not go back to the original texts and guarantee that every variant found in the original is still in the text. The reason for this is that in our source files the variants are associated with text in a complex way that is difficult to read or parse. Just checking this one case took me quite a while. Due to this complexity, a number of entries, especially some more complex multi-line entries, had become corrupted when we converted them from the source files for our old-style legacy text. So in our recent revision we fixed many cases of such corrupted entries.

I am not surprised to find that some of the variants are missing, but hopefully it is only a small number.

I’d really be grateful if you were to post any other cases that you find. If it turns out that there are a siignificant number, we will investigate whether it is possible to restore them from our source.


Thanks a lot , I’ll surely post if there are other cases.


I have done a little more research, and it seems that in the current data we have 20792 variants, while in the legacy texts we had 22430. So 1638 cases, or around 7%, seem to be missing. This is disappointing, I’ll have to see if I can restore them.