Dvayatānupassanāsutta - deriving the word

veneration at the feet of ven. bhante @sujato

venerable bhante, sutta central has titled the Sutta-Nipāta 3.12 Sutta as: Dvayatānupassanāsutta

I am wondering whether the correct spelling should be:
‘Dvāyatanupassanāsutta’ or is there something that I need to understand?

As per VRI text - Āyatana is the spelling. I take that as reference and thereafter dve + āyatana + anupassanā + sutta = Dvāyatanupassanāsutta.

I could not understand how this suttacentral title could be derived: Dvayatānupassanāsutta

The meaning is ‘two spheres of perception’ or is there any other meaning, Venerable?

Kindly admonish me Venerable and correct me.

with veneration at the feet of the sangha,


[issue resolved, venerable. reply given by venerable @Khemarato.bhikkhu]

No, dvaya = “dual” and dvaya-tā meaning “dualities” So, “Contemplating Dualities”

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grateful for your admonition, venerable @Khemarato.bhikkhu.

with veneration & metta,


Regarding the meaning of the sutta, it states conditioned and unconditioned realities should be separated:

For the sake of knowing qualities of dualities as they actually are.’ ‘What duality are you speaking about?’ ‘This is stress. This is the origination of stress’: this is one contemplation. ‘This is the cessation of stress. This is the path of practice leading to the cessation of stress’: this is a second contemplation. For a monk rightly contemplating this duality in this way — heedful, ardent, & resolute — one of two fruits can be expected: either gnosis right here & now, or — if there be any remnant of clinging-sustenance — non-return."

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