Early Buddhism "Study Group"

Are there any study groups devoted to Early Buddhism?

If not, would anyone be interested in forming an Early Buddhism study group to learn more about Dhamma-Vinaya together?

Greetings SeriousFun

A quick search of the archived discussions in the forum, using the search function, yields the following results. Perhaps have a look through and check that you are not re-inventing the wheel. Your enthusiasm is wonderful, but it might be helpful to have a good explore and to target it in such a way, that it complements the many activities that are already happening :slight_smile:

Search results for 'buddhist studies ' - Discuss & Discover

You could also try asking what current groups exist. We have a large and varied membership, and you may be astounded at just how much is happening around the world :smiley:

with Metta :slightly_smiling_face: :dharmawheel: :sunflower: