Earthquake Lombok Indonesia

Hi everyone, I don’t know if anyone has seen the news but there was a rather large earthquake in the Northern part of the island Lombok last week. I have been living on and off there for the past five years or so as there are still some Buddhist villages who don’t have a monastery. Sadly enough the earthquake destroyed all the work done thus far! If by chance anyone has any ideas for building structures in earthquake prone areas that would be of great help. 20180815_074219|690x689


So sad to see! I hope these areas can recover and rebuild.


I understand a group of people from Fo Guang was there to help couple days ago , don’t know if they can be contacted and request for aid .


Bhante, forgive me, I know the news because I’m an Indonesian. But unfortunately I live in Jakarta, so I can’t see up close the damage. I felt very sad about what happened there and very empathetic. Hopefully the victims can recover quickly and the structural and building damage can be rebuild immediately.

My respect for you, thank you.


This is the latest news about relief aid that has been successfully transferred to isolated area in Lombok (in Indonesian):

There is also a news about 12 samaneras who is providing relief aid but being “stuck” by the earthquake :sweat_smile: