Education options for Buddhist Chaplaincy/Pastoral Counseling


@UpasakaMichael , The program is actually going to be provided by the “Buddhist Council of WA” an umbrella group of Buddhist organisations in Western Australia and not by the BSWA as such. Dennis is still the driving force though.


@Bill thanks, this clarifies that. I noted on the website for the BCWA the following: Buddhist Council of Western Australia Inc. » Celebrants & Chaplains Seems like a great organization, and one that is well situated to start a training program for Buddhist-focused chaplaincy/pastoral counseling. Will the CARE Group at BSWA still be carried forward and funded, if you know?


Just FYI: A new program that I found online today :

And, the SCA (Spiritual Care Association) of which I am a new member, is now offering: SCA University of Theology and Spirituality

I’m not endorsing this at all. In fact, some of the academic programs out there in the fields of Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy are not accredited, or not fully accredited. Like so much of education, with online for-profit schools popping up like Starbucks on every corner, caveat emptor applies.