Eightfold Path recitation

I recite the refuges and precepts in Pali every morning, and would like to add the Eightfold Path to my daily self-reminders. Is there a standard formula for this? I’ve tracked down the list in Pali, so that’s not an issue, but I’m curious as to whether there is a standard method for recitation.

Here is a recording of the Wat Pah Nanachat chanting with alternating English and Pali, which includes the chant of the Noble Eightfold Path.

The text can be found here, page 91.

Just what I was looking for! Thanks very much.

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SN 45.8 , chanted by Ven. Jiv., a Sri Lankan Bhikkhu in Pali slowly, with correct pronunciation.


edit: I took a look at the Amaravati chant book version of the 8aam (noble eightfold path), it’s mostly the same as SN 45.8 but they do the right action differently on abrahmacariya, having instead:

Kāmesu꜕ micchā꜓cārā vera꜓ma꜕ṇī
Abstaining from sexu꜕al misco꜕nduct:

If you’re serious about your practice, you should be chanting and practicing “a-brahma-cariya veramani” instead, as according to SN 45.8

I listened to
referenced in the post above.

The pronunciation is sloppy, the timing on “long” and “short” is incorrect. Sorry to be finicky on that but its really important to get the timing right, because if you don’t, you’re often saying a completely different word with different meaning.

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