Ekodi is a curiously obscure term: does it mean “web”?

I still think that a derivation from dahati is ruled out by the BHS form ekoti. At the very least, we shouldn’t discard the little linguistic context that we have.

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I’ve updated my draft to include this summary:

= eka + odi
= eka + odhi
= eka + o + dhi
= equal + inside + holding
= equal + poised
= equipoised—or just “poised”

This is also my reading. Arising alone, especially detached( perhaps the origin of metaphysical theories ‘god the distant one’ etc).

A term for Samadhi. Perhaps more meaningful in the case of the second Jhana due to the absence of Vitakka, wich applies the mind ardently( relatively speaking) on the object. Second Jhana awareness being orders of magnitude more peaceful than the first, does not require Vitakka and Vicara to light up the object as it were.