Elaborate this text (Samādhikathā Kv11.6)

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Dear @Upasaka_Dhammasara, You are more likely to get responses, if you present a more detailed question, and the issues or questions that you have with the text. Otherwise you are just asking for - an undefined lecture on the text??

Also for the ease of members, it is useful to state at least what the text is that you are posting, without necessitating people to click on the link to even find out if they are interested in or know anything about the text.

This is also necessary in order to properly be able to archive topics. Because the majority of the use of this site is as a repository to information about EBT’s, there need to be meaningful descriptions in the topic title - otherwise the search function is pretty useless. As such, please edit your topic title to give the text and detail of question :pray:

Just for your information we have on average between 3,500 and 4,000 visits to this site per day… They are all working on it by accessing the information, rather than by interactive posting :slight_smile: The number who post is only a tiny fraction of members and users. Hopefully this makes it clearer how this site works :slight_smile: This is definitely not simply a generalist Buddhist Chat room :slight_smile:



Hi UD!
It seems your post is hidden at the moment.
You should be able to bring it back to life by editing it to tell us exactly what is puzzling you in this sutta and asking direct questions about the text.

Also, whilst Viveka made a good point about it being helpful to people who don’t use links to supply the sutta’s name and number :slight_smile: , it’s also helpful to include the link as well to help people who prefer to use the link.

I look forward to seeing what you will ask about the sutta.
with metta


No it’s ok. Leave it. I can’t put the question in words. Thanks

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