Elasticsearch updated to 5.2

I’ve updated Elasticsearch on the server from 2.4 to 5.2, as suggested by the version jump this involves significant breaking changes (note: there was no 3.x or 4.x). It should offer improved reliability, improved performance, reduced resource use and improved result relevance due to using BM25 (mainly in principle this should handle common terms more gracefully than the old TF/IDF).

Some teething problems might be expected, altough the basic elasticsearch based functionalities seem to be working fine.

@sujato @vimala I don’t know if you have elasticsearch setup locally in your development environments, if so it will also need to be updated.


Thanks, Blake, I’ll report issues as i find them.

I initially got search working, now all I get is a 500 error.

Okay, seems to be back now, I guess it was just updating.

So now I have at least two issues:

  1. the dictionaries button does not work, you just get the main list.
  2. the language filtering is lost, you get random results from any language by default.



Language filtering is working again, looking into definitions

edit: Definitions fixed

edit2: Advanced Search also working now.

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Great, looks good.

I just noticed, there are parallels appearing in the search results:


Is this a new thing? 'Cos I like it!

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It’s an old feature which has been broken for a while, or perhaps it only made it onto staging and not production. Anyway the code was there it just wasn’t running properly, I fixed it at the same time as fixing advanced search.