Electronic version of Wilhelm Geiger Pali grammar book

Hi all, has anyone seen “A Pali Grammar - Wilhelm Geiger” online anywhere that is either accesible to read or even better downloadable?

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Terimah kasih banyak! mudita citta!


Hi all!

A concern has been raised that the Geiger OCR is of copyrighted material. If so, we may be taking down the link. As far as I can tell the translation is under copyright from 1994. Can anyone shed any light on this?

At achive.org there are scans of both the German original of 1916 (Pāli Literatur und Sprache) and the 1956 re-issue of the 1943 English translation (Pali Literature and Language). The former would be legal everywhere. The latter would be legal in countries like Australia where copyright expires only 50 years after publication.

The book linked to earlier in this thread is K.R. Norman’s corrected edition of the second part of Pāli Literature and Language and is still subject to copyright everywhere.

By the way, those using the 1994 hardback edition should download the corrections list from the PTS site:


Those using the 2013 paperback edition should make just one correction:

§96, dat.gen. plural, for “sīlavantaṃ” read “sīlavataṃ”.


The link to the OCR scanned copy has been removed due to copyright concerns. Interested forum members are requested to support the original author by purchasing the printed edition of the book from Pariyatti or, alternatively directly from the Pali Text Society.

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