Emojis not working

I don’t seem to be able to access the emoji link on the bar above the box where I’m typing this post. I click on the smile and nothing happens/none show up (using safari on mac).

I noticed this in another discussion when I typed a colon, dash, right parathesis and although a ‘slight smile’ emoji showed up in the box on the right when I type, I couldn’t acess any others or even that one directly from the bar above. Hope I’m explaining this so it’s understandable. I used to get a selection to choose from when I clicked on the icon on the bar.


Works fine for me.

Maybe an upgrade of Discourse has created an incompatibility problem?

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just testing, hmmm no, still doesn’t work (it used to so guess there’s an incompatibility now), probably has to do with the wicked safari, often causing problems… looks like all the other options in the top bar still work, just not the emojis. Oh no, I’ll have to stick with words now to express myself…

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i wonder if anyone else is having this issue? I would guess that if it really is a safari problem, they’ll fix the bug upstream soon enough.