English Āgama translations (printed)

Beyond Bingenheimer’s (ed) The Madhyama Āgama, Volume 1: Middle Length Discourses can anyone point me to other English Āgama translations available in print? Bonus points for the mention of any non-Amazon-Monster outlets/distributors in the UK.

Thank you. :pray:


There’s not much, I’m afraid. From the same publisher you can find the Canonical Book of the Buddha’s Lengthy Discourses, a translation of the Dīrghāgama. Unfortunately, it’s not a great translation.

There’s also The Scriptural Text: Verses of the Doctrine, with Parables from the same publisher. (Who thinks of these titles? Are they trying to make them as unappealing as possible?) This is a nice translation of a Dhammapada-style text, including background stories, which are late, of course, but some of which are really interesting.

You can get these, I believe, directly from Numata, rather than Amazon.

There are a couple of other Dhammapada translations around, but I’m not sure if you can get them in print.


Much thanks, Bhante. And for the laugh!

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Bhante Analayo said it contains a lot of interpolations by the translator and is not a faithful rendering of the original. So don’t be mislead if you read it…


Further to your question, what happened to Volumes 2 & 3?
I got Volume 1 from Amazon back in 2014.

(I was looking forward to Volume 2 to get to MA72 which is the parallel to MN128)

Just had a quick look at DA Volume 1 (May 2017). Volumes 2 & 3 are also in plan. These can probably wait…

PS - just checked DA Volume 2 is out too.

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Volumes 2 and 3 of MA are with the publisher and are being prepared for publication.


Found this: http://www.bdk.or.jp/english/english_tripitaka/the_list.html
and this: http://www.bdk.or.jp/buy/eiyaku.html (Page is in Japanese, but the books are in English - DA1&2 looks cheaper here)
There’s also some free downloads, just look around in the English page.

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English translations of specifically older Chinese Buddhist scriptures, if you will forgive my somewhat cynical observation, Venerable, seem to be mostly in the same state as translations of the Dàodéjīng.

That is to say: none of them resemble each other nearly as much as they ought to. Which is a bad sign for translation.

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I guess you are aware of Bh Analayo’s translations of the Samyukta and other individual suttas?

There’s also:
Annotated Translation of Sutras from the Chinese Samyuktagama relevant to the Early Buddhist Teachings on Emptiness and the Middle Way (2004; second edition, International Buddhist College, Thailand, 2010. (as PDF from his own website)

And “The Chinese Version of Dharmapada” by Bh Dhammajoti