English versions of parallels to AN 6.63

I’m looking to compare all parallels to AN 6.63. I found some parallels in the Chinese Agamas but can’t find english translations. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

One of the parallels, MA 111, is part of the Madhyama Agama, and will have been included in the translation by Analayo and Bucknell, available from Numata (BDK). But you’ll have to buy the book to read it.

It’s unlikely the other parallel has been translated, although it might be found in one of Analayo’s essays.

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Thank you, Bhante. MA 111 must be in volume II of the BDK Series. I bought the Analayo and Bucknell Maghyama Agama Volume I a few years ago, an expensive purchase. Now BDK has made it available as a free PDF.


Yes, and hopefully the rest of it will be available before too long.


Thanks for the pdf link. Looking forward to read the English translation.

Are there English translation of the Samyuta Agama?

The equivalent suttas in the Chinese Agamas can vary a great deal or very little. The original texts might be from different schools, the Chinese translators have different level of mastery of both languages, the Chinese usage during the time of translation could change, etc. All these factors contribute to the variations. It would be good if the English translators examine and translate all of the versions and compare them.

So far there is no complete translation of the Samyukta Agama in English.

This link doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

Here is Volume I:

Here is Volume II:

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Here are English translations of some Samukta Agama suttas:ṃyukta-agama-3

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Sadhu! I appreciate these links a whole lot :slight_smile:

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