Enlightenment - Grasping vs Awareness

Does this seem like an accurate representation? Or is it foolish to think of Freedom in terms of grasping and awareness?

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Perhaps this is more clear.

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One has to take the Formless Realm into mind.


I do not know if you exactly meant it this way but some comments, for what they are worth:

I do not think that dispassion starts somewhere at 4th jhana. Dispassion is never absent. It has no beginning.

I believe it is more like this: When defilements progressively are abandoned, dispassion becomes more and more visible or tasted, but it is not created or made.

If one removes defilements from water, the water that remains is not created at that moment. Only defilements have left the water. I feel it is the same with mind. If defilements are removed the pure nature of mind reveals itself naturally, effortless, which is without passions and inclinations. It is not created or made at that moment, it just reveals itself.

It is not that dispassion is absent in a wordling but it is not really tasted because of the influence of adventtious defilements.

That is why one of axis is grasping. I believe dispassion is Viraga (Non grasping), Thus it’s there on every step. It’s just in Sutta it’s usually categorized as clear seeing → dispassion → freedom.

aha, yes, now i see, thanks