EPUBs are go!


I just noticed that the EPUB downloads are failing with “Failed - Server Problem” (in Chrome).



Thanks for the heads up, @blake can you look at this?


Is there any update on this? I know it’s hard to say, but how out of date would the epubs from July be? Like on a scale of same—little change—huge change?
EDIT: Or put another way, if I’m going to do a project with the epubs, should I go ahead and use from July, or better to wait.


Better to wait, I have alerted our developers to this multiple times, I will remind them once more. I am almost certain it will be a trivial configuration fix.


Bhante @Sujato,

It looks like in the SN epub the Samyutta headings are simply “Linked Discourses 1” etc. Other than the guide, the actual names of the samyuttas are not in the texts.

I can’t find an original copy of the files when the books first came out. Is this intentional or a bug? I’m going to put them back in in the editions I release, but it would be nice if they are included in the auto generated. Really great if they could included both Pali and English.


Okay, thanks for the feedback, we will review this at some point, hopefully next year. So far our main efforts have simply been to get them working at all!


Sadhu! For that I am extremely grateful



Many thanks for the Nikayas. Using a Mac with Safari or Chrome. Downloaded Digha and Majjima successfully.

Others are get downloaded as 37 bytes with a .json extension.

Any advice to download the rest.


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Thanks for the feedback. I tested these not long ago and they were fine, now they give me “Failed: server problem”. We’ll look into it, maybe it was an update or something.


If you have a burning need for the other books, you can get them here:

The 2019 version of the SN is not uploaded yet but should be there in a couple of days.


Thank you very much for the swift responses.
Thank you for the welcome.
I have now downloaded all the pubs.
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


We’re looking into the bug, but haven’t found it yet. :sob: