Error in copying url for part of vinaya text

I am trying to get the url for a paragraph in this text:

However if I highlight any paragraph then copy the URL I get a strange result. This for the first paragraph:
Taking out the “undefined” doesn’t seem to help either…

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Thanks for pointing this out. It is a bug in how the selector widget defines the URL, caused by the more complex URLs we use in the Vinaya texts. For now, you can get the URL per paragraph by activating “textual Information” and coping the link from the margin. But more fine-grained links won’t work on these texts until we fix this. This might take a little time, as this system may be reviewed in the future.

thanks for the bug report, for some reason the code which generates the link isn’t figuring out the language code en so is putting undefined instead.

This bug should be fixed now. It may take a few hours for the change to propagate.