Errors in Samyukta Agama sutra titles

Hello, today I was looking for the parallel to SA 474, and I looked in the usual place on Sutta Central. On the list of sutras in the SA, I see that SA 474 is listed with the title 止息 (subsiding), but when I click on the link to the original Chinese, I see that the title is 禪 (dhyana). Actually both titles could accurately describe the source text, but I thought it was strange to have two different titles (the Agamas together include thousands of tiny sutras). Then I checked SA 473, and it is listed as 禪 (dhyana), but in the source text it is 客舍 (guestroom). I started looking at a few others too…

SA 472 listed as 客舍 but source text shows 虛空 (simile includes 客舍)
SA 473 listed as 禪 but source text shows 客舍
SA 474 listed as 止息 but source text shows 禪
SA 475 listed as 先時 but source text shows 止息 (starts with 毘婆尸如來未成佛時)

The titles in the listings appear to be correct. For example, SA 475 is listed as 先時 (former time), and it begins describing sometime long in the past, before Vipasyin Tathagata attained buddhahood. This means that the source text titles are incorrect, and it appears to be an off-by-one error somewhere. After looking a bit deeper, I think the problem begins around SA 454 and SA 455. It does not appear to be a problem for the entire SA.

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Thanks for pointing this out, I will look more closely at it very soon. It might have happened due to a mistake in preparing the texts for SC. It’s especially difficult in SA, since so many of the suttas are virtually identical.

Meanwhile, do you have any idea when the discrepancy finishes?

Hello, it appears that the error proceeds until around SA 486. I do not see it after that. So basically it affects just around 30 sutras.

So if I understand this correctly, the source text-titles from SA 455 until SA 486 need to be changed, while in the list they are correct.
I cannot make this out from the text on CBETA; it only seems to list the titles between brackets which are correct. So I am not sure where these titles come from.
But I will change the source file titles as you have indicated. Thank you for spotting this.

This has been changed now.

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Okay, it looks good to me. Thanks for the update. :smile_cat: