Eternal Citta and Ordaining in Thailand

Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen to me in the future, but I don’t happen to attract women very much so I think it wont. I sincerely hope you are well after your stroke. karunā.

It’s better now. But as a monk in Sri Lanka told me, when I said I will return next year. He said. Next year is late already. I didn’t get it. Now I do. That’s why its important as in sutta that they want to join the order as soon as possible. It’s because life is uncertaint. My friend. May you be blessed on your journey, and may you achieve your goal!
:raised_hand: and do not change plans. That can happen also. This body make excuses. Dharma is truth.


Sorry I didn’t see your question until now. Monastery sizes can matter.

If your lustful type you need a small monastery. If your greedy you need a monastery where there is a big community so you learn to pay respect to each. To become humble.

For better information follow the guidance written in Vimuttimagga and visuddhimagga. Maybe in Petakopadesa and Netti has some info also. I’m not sure. But visuddhimagga explain some info regarding that.

But I prefer medium size monastery landscape.

I noticed big landscape makes me feel exploring and walking alot.

Medium size is not too boring.

But in reality it all depends. Like Sbs landscape is easy.

At Sri Lanka I experienced one monastery where it seems long to get to the meditation hall.

So the setting must be important.

If things are organized. I think your mind is organized also.

Meaning if it’s easy to remember where to go etc

You don’t have to get lost the second day on your visit.

But maybe your type needs to get lost. :joy:

You know yourself better. So see that. Read the Vusuddimagga. And explore what is best for you. :slight_smile:

Your plan really good. Remember climate also influence your type. And food.

Ven Ananda knew what food was good for Buddha at each occasions.

So remember all that. Read. Prepare.

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Thank you for your in depth answer.

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You know what I would like visit a monastery one day. So let me know if you going somewhere. and when. Maybe we can meet. :raised_hand:

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Yes, that sounds like a good idea, I’ll let you know.

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