Evacuation of Aranya Bodhi Hermitage Buddhist temple in California

Hi all, may I request you to meditate, send your thoughts, and prayers for the well-being of the bhikkhuni community, the property, and the wildlife there? May Ayya Tathaloka and everyone there be safe and protected :pray::pray::pray:


Those Brahmans
The Blessed One
and those Arahants
who are knowers of all truths,
we pay homage to them.
May they keep watch over us .

Homage to the Enlightened Ones. Homage to Supreme Enlightenment .
Homage to the Liberated Ones. Homage to Liberation .

Let there be non appearance of natural and man-made disasters , property kept protected , wildlife kept safe and there be peace in the community, and sow seeds of good kamma for individuals and families. Thus may one able to reflect on their own greed, anger and delusion .

By this truth,
may there be well-being!

Etena saccena suvatthi hotu!


Metta for all the bhikkhunis, and all sentient beings, caught up in the fires in California!


Am seeing the rain clouds gathering at and around Araynabodhi hermitage, I rejoice and welcome the rain with gratitude, bringing relief to all living beings, monastics and plant kingdom, quenching all fires without remainder. Feel the sensation of rain on my body dripping and soaking the earth.
Sadhu. sadhu, sadhu.


Has the rain fallen heavily?

Sending metta and mudita.

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