Every monastery needs a chinup bar

If you want to practice developing some dana parami, and it’s not easy to think up a good gift to give a monastery, consider installing (not just donating) a chinup bar at your local monastery, to help any Gudetama-like monks and nuns overcome their sloth and torpor and develop Viriya.

Anumodana to Tilak, of Ehi Passiko Buddhist community, Calgary, Canada who helped tremendously today to install a chinup bar here (it’s easily removable, BTW, so the door can be closed):

Also Anumodana to Tom Kroeker, who installed this chinup bar at Arrow River Forest Hermitage, Canada (in the workshop; the little Buddha placard at the top was my contribution):

Do you know of any chinup bars in any monasteries you are near? Please post, if so.


Did the Vinaya allows it?

Sure. It does no violence to the Vinaya per se.

Wouldn’t using the chin-up bar or any exercise equipment lead to attachment to the body for monks? Also does the Vinaya allow for monks to make dana suggestions/requests?

I believe it could, but necessarily would? No, I don’t think it necessarily follows. I don’t advocate pumping iron until you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it is healthy for monks and nuns to somewhat restore their atrophied “chicken wing” arms to a middle-path amount of normalcy.

Kappyam vohara is allowed (“allowable speech”). Monks can make suggestions, if done tastefully. If a monk were to be too direct in asking for something - saying “buy me a chin-up bar!” - then that’s obviously too direct.

By the way, the place I’m staying does not need a chinup bar, see OP. So I’m not actually asking for one, either for myself, or the monastic residence which I’m in.

Could I offer a skipping rope?


Seriously, what does the Vinaya say about keeping fit?

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Webu Sayadaw was known for his well-defined arms and all he did was sweep every day. This leads me to wonder, would shovelling snow break vinaya? In principle it’s effectively the same as sweeping.