Examples of suttas that explain thoroughly specific aspects of Noble Eightfold Path

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Tomorrow I’ll be doing a sutta class online (in polish language if something). I want to show participants that sometimes in order to understand a sutta we need to look at another one.

I want to give an example of Dhammacakkappavattana sutta as it briefly sums up buddhist path.

Then I will give example of MN 141 as elaborating this sutta, making it more understandable for first readers:

But my question is: do you know suttas (one or two is enough) that describe specific path factor even more? (for example right livelyhood or right speech etc.) So I could give example of even deeper reading through comparing different suttas.

My intention is to show that sometimes such short passage as “right livelyhood” in Dhammacakkappavattna sutta actually means something much longer and deeper, which can be found in another sutta. But it would be nice to have specific suttas, even more elaborated on the subject than MN141. While “And what is right livelihood? It’s when a noble disciple gives up wrong livelihood and earns a living by right livelihood. This is called right livelihood.” is still more precise than simply “right livelyhood” it is still not very understandable for first time readers. But sadly I don’t remember which sutta deals with right livelyhood in detail.

Some people I will be speaking to will have first contact with suttas in their life, that’s why I wish to have good examples to show them this tip in reading suttas.

I would appreciate your help dear Sutta Central members :slight_smile:


Good idea, Invo!

SN45.8 gives a definition of each of the eight factors of the noble eightfold path.

And a whole bunch of DN suttas give an extensive elaboration on right ethics and livelihood, one example being DN 2. Maybe that’s even a bit much for a beginner… maybe you take an excerpt on just right livelihood and give it to them.

Good luck!


Thank you dear Sabbamitta! :anjal:

This will be perfect :slight_smile: An excerpt from DN2 will be very good elaboration and to show the style of suttas, that sometimes (oftentimes) understanding of a sutta is dependent on reffering to other suttas :slight_smile:

This will be good enough, so the topic can be closed if something. :slight_smile:
Thank you! :anjal: