Facing death with a laughter

This “cimetrul vesel”, the “happy cemetary”, at Săpânța / Romania is really a place worth visiting!

A carpenter first had the idea to tell stories from people’s lives or the story of their death on the wooden crosses with images and text; he also made his own cross before he died!

A colourful illustration of impermanence!


that picture reminds me of the recollection of past lives formula, where in countless past lives, the meditator notices “there i had such a name, such family, class, food, happiness and suffering, and end of lifespan”. life after life, same old, same old!

tatra passim
evam namo
evam gotto
evam vanno
evam aharo

evam sukha-dukkha patisamvedi
evam ayu pariyanto

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Makes me think of dia de los muertos in mexican culture. Although that is probably a form of ancestor worship in a way, it also serves at a great mindfulness of death practice!

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