Fake monks in WA!

This is what BSWA should be worried about!

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biometrician identificiation, anyone? :slight_smile:

with metta

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this has been happening in American cities for years, works best in places where people have a hard time identifying a “fake” and “real” monk.


I think it is common in Asia as well… I’ve been approached Hong Kong for example by people I suspect were not real monks.


Hardly. BSWA monastics don’t handle money and that is well known amongst their supporters.


Yes, they are common in Asian countries, including in my home country. Mainly they are Chinese, wearing Chinese Mahayana monk robe, and can’t speak any local language, just speak Chinese because they are from mainland China. Once our local vihara caught this “fake” monk and hand it over authorities because they are illegal immigrants…

I know. It was a joke! :wink:

And the point of the joke (or incongruence) is that while in BSWA we have good monks trying to get lay people to collaborate and respect their right to relinquish administrative responsibilities we have individuals like that, bad ‘monks’, selling blessings for money in Perth CBD! :sweat:

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A few of those ‘fake’ monks will gladly take on the administrative responsibilities!

With metta

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