Feature request: language options from Pali search


I believe it was already suggested ages ago, but I haven’t found the relevant thread so here’s a new one.

I sometimes do a search for Pali terms to avoid the problem of missing results due to variations in translation. I do nevertheless, actually want to read the returned results in English, and to my mind it would be great if language options were given right there in the search results list (similar-ish to on suttaplex cards).

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Agreed! That would be helpful.


Aminah, this intersects with SCV functionality. For SCV there are no language options in the search results for Pali text. The default is to display both Pali and the language of translation. Did you need a change there as well?

Here are sample search results.


Interesting. I have to admit I’m not 100% sure I’ve understood you correctly. As I quickly look at it, it seems quite a different use case and what you have is fine (I think I’m right to believe that while it’s not something for you will directly take care of yourself, you are building in capacity for different languages to be added which is thoroughly brilliant. If this is so I’m assuming it will involve some kind of option in the settings page for users to select their default language or something along those lines?)

Here what I’m referring to is just being able to go directly to eg. an English translation of a sutta appearing in a list found using a Pali search term.

As per the above, currently, if I wanted to be able to read the Condanasutta found with my search term I’d have to open it and then from there use the “View parallels & references” drop down (or maybe manipulate the URL) to get to a version I could actually understand; I’m just saying it would be nice to have the option of going directly to the English (or whatever default language) from the Pali results page.

Have I missed something in what you’re asking?

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Actually you clarified my confusion. And, yes, I was thinking along the same lines as your suggestion of SCV Settings having a Language option for displaying translation. This would be somewhat akin to the SC sutta card language dropdown but lacking in SC’s own flexibility of navigating to multiple languages. I had no current intention of supporting multiple language navigation from search results, hence the question. Based on your answer, I’ll not worry about multiple language navigation from SCV search results. That will be an SC capability not supported in SCV.


I don’t know what Bhante @sujato’s view on the point is…? To my mind having a basic default language setting seems enough, as based on my completely imagined idea of the typical user, their primary interest will just be in having suttas read in their first language (or Pali, or both) so there’s no need to add extra complexity, or take up extra real estate.

That said, I’m still sulky-hearted about the loss of the ability to quickly access the Text settings half-way through a sutta (without having to scroll to the top) that was present in Legacy SC because the dev’s imagined use doesn’t match how I actually use the app on this particular point. In turn, I’m cautious of believing my own imagination about other users! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was actually wondering if it might be time to embark on the “non-English” exploration for SCVoice after v1.0.0. We will need native speakers already active in SC discussion, so I think either German or Spanish might be good choices to help us explore. We have multiple speakers here fluent in these two languages that are robustly supported by AWS Polly. I think we could explore a bit using existing translations, but I’d defer to Bhante Sujato to ring the starting bell for SCVoice non-English.

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Excellent! to all that. May I just add Portuguese as one other potential candidate for the consideration list: it too is on the Polly list and we also have speakers to support exploration (tagging in @gnlaera for his thoughts) and, the Portuguese SC site localisation has recently been completed and hopefully will be live at some reasonably soonish point, so maybe (?) there’d be a nice uniformity of cross-platform support!


Isso seria excelente também


Have a look at how this is done on

It’s a really sweet implementation, maybe we can copy?


You mean the “Features” drop down? Very nice indeed!


Sadly, I cannot copy the Features dropdown for SC-Voice because of accessibility limitations. Vuetify will have to evolve a bit more to make drop-down menus work with the screen-reader. Till then, SCV is stuck with a modal dialog.


sorry, crossed wires here, I was talking about copying it for the main site.


Sim! @Marco e eu temos interesse em colaborar! :grinning:


For continued discussion on points raise above about SCVoice, please see this post in the main SCV thread.