Finding a Bhikkhu whose name I forgot

I hope it’s ok to ask here because it is not about the EBTs but: There was a Bhikkhu who I believe was a western bhikkhu, and he had written books, one of them I read as an ebook. As far as I remember he was once attacked by an elephant, and when I remember correctly as a result of this one leg was shorter than the other. Can someone identify him? I want to read that ebook again but cannot find it, because I forgot the name.

This was Ven. Nyanadīpa Mahathera



Yes, thanks for the extremely fast answer.


Does by chance anyone know the ebook of him, where he talks about how to live in the forest beside other things , for example how to live with the dangerous animals and so on?


Thank you, I am not 100% sure but I think it was a different book. If I remember correctly it featured questions that he answered. Like for example: “What is the most dangerous thing in the forest for one that lives there?” and then he gave long answers. But I am not sure if I misremember that.

Not an ebook but…


Thank you, I recognize some passages so I think the content is the same, maybe the book had more of it but I am not sure.

If you like Ven Nyanadipa also check out Ven Nyanavimala, they have a lot of similarities in their views.

The pdf pure inspiration here is good

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Maybe this one?
To the End of Body and Mind: The Story of Nyāṇadīpa Bhante’s Life and His Teachings at Bhaddeka Vihari Aranya

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