Finding the Early Buddhist Texts, in the new SC menuing

I watched this older Bhante @Sujato video:

I especially liked the part of the talk, 39:06 of the way in (above embedded video should start right there).

…and I guess I just wanted to respectfully ask Ajahn @sujato or Ajahn @Brahmali (or both) to do an updated Dhamma video talk on this same subject, now that SC has undergone all these new changes.

Please revisit the subject of the Authenticity of the Early Buddhist Texts, in light of all the neat capabilities that the new SC enables. And furthermore, please show live screenshots/video clips of what you’re talking about (within SC), if possible.

So how can the new SC enable people to explore what the EBTs are? Why would they care? What can they discover? Please break it down! :grinning:

I would especially like to hear mention of what’s on pg. 61(ish) of “Authenticity of the Early Buddhist Texts”, seen here:


Well, why don’t you do it? :wink:


Respectful Greetings, @Sujato,

I’m willing to try.

For number 3, may I ask, where are the “Silas”? (I found the Parayana, and the Octades/Aṭṭhaka vagga).

PS: I don’t have a youtube account, and refuse to create one. I’m trying to de-Google my life. I’m willing to make a video and post it in Nexcloud, however.


OK, here’s my attempt: SuttaCentral Favorite Suttas by Subharo. It’s 20 minutes long.

I hope your display can do 1080p. That’s what I recorded in. I also hope your internet is fast enough to support 125KB/sec. If your internet is slower than that, don’t click the file’s “play” icon, but rather click the three dots, then click Download:

Once the video file is downloaded (if your Internet is too slow), view it in an app like VLC.


This is his term for the long section on sila in the first 13 suttas of DN. (see Buddhist India, chap 7.)

Thanks so much!


mpv > vlc

jmo :stuck_out_tongue: