Five(?) ways a parent shows compassion

From DN31:

Parents served by the children in these five ways show compassion to them in five ways.
They keep them from doing bad. They support them in doing good. They train them in a profession. They transfer the inheritance in due time.
Parents served by their children in these five ways show compassion to them in these five ways.

The sutta says “five” but then only lists four??


Finding a suitable partner for their child seems to be missing here.

Bhante @sujato?


“In five ways should a mother and father as the eastern direction be respected by a child: ‘I will support them who supported me; I will do my duty to them; I will maintain the family lineage and tradition; I will be worthy of my inheritance; and I will make donations on behalf of dead ancestors.’

“And, the mother and father so respected reciprocate with compassion in five ways: by restraining you from wrongdoing, guiding you towards good actions, training you in a profession, supporting the choice of a suitable spouse, and in due time, handing over the inheritance.

“In this way, the eastern direction is protected and made peaceful and secure.