Forbearance around Views


I’m looking for the sutta (?in the Atthakavagga) “where the Buddha also describes how the sage, or the wise person, might behave. … He lets go of one position without taking another. He is not defined by what he knows, nor does he join a dissenting faction. He assumes no view at all.”

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Check these:




Very sharp of you @awarewolf; I didn’t say who I was quoting but it was indeed Stephen Batchelor. :smiley:
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Now to study all the excellent instruction in searching SC in this thread and hopefully I’ll find the other versions.


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I know and see the scope of convictions, the scope of grounds for views, fixation on views, obsession with views, the origin of views, and the uprooting of views.
Yāvatā, āvuso, diṭṭhi yāvatā diṭṭhiṭṭhānaṃ diṭṭhiadhiṭṭhānaṃ diṭṭhipariyuṭṭhānaṃ diṭṭhisamuṭṭhānaṃ diṭṭhisamugghāto, tamahaṃ jānāmi tamahaṃ passāmi.

Knowing and seeing thus, why should I say:
Tamahaṃ jānanto tamahaṃ passanto kyāhaṃ vakkhāmi:

‘I neither know nor see?
’‘na jānāmi na passāmī’ti?

I do know and see.”
Jānāmahaṃ, āvuso, passāmī”ti.