Found parallels for AN 6.29 udayi sutta

On SC, no parallels for AN 6.29 shown.
Looking under AN 4.41 samadhi bhavana sutta,
there are two parallels, one in chinese, one in sanskrit. I looked at the chinese (translatd into english from this guys dissertation), and the sanskrit which is Ven. Anandajoti’s, and they’re very similar (sanskrit and chinese match).

While they are parallels for AN 4.41, they really are partial parallels for AN 6.29 in an important way. In AN 6.29, it’s unique (according to b.bodhi footnote) in that it’s the only sutta that splits up fourth jhana from the first three jhanas.

That same segregation happens in those AN 4.41 parallels.

Also, the satipatthana MN 10 sutta parallel in MA, which Ven. Analayo has in the appendix of his “perspectives on SP”, under kayanupassana it closely parallels AN 6.29.

  1. sato and sampajano
  2. jhanas for pleasant abiding
  3. perception of light for knowledge and vision,
  4. 31 body parts,
  5. 9 stages of corpses

Thanks for the suggestion, I will ask rod about this.

that MA parallel is also a close parallel for AN 5.28, five factored noble right concentration.

the 4 jhana similes appear, and so does the 5th factor of reviewing sign, with perception of light inserted between 4th jhana and reviewing sign. (iddhipada longer version of perception of light like SN 51.12, not the shorter AN 4.41 version)

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